Headshots, Portfolio and Promotional Photography FAQ

Business people, models, actors, performers, musicians…

If your profession or business places you in the public eye, you need a great quality headshot!

Your headshot sets the entire tone of your brand, and a cheap selfie just sends all the wrong messages about your professionalism, dedication, and commitment.

But, getting a great headshot doesn’t have to involve a trip to New York and a couple thousand dollars for a top quality product.

Photography by Dennis P Kelly now offers area business professionals as well as aspiring actors, models, and musicians a terrific alternative, right here in South Jersey.

We offer several levels of promotional photography services, from the most basic to the most elaborate, but they all have the following things in common:

Superb quality images done in a creative, flattering style.

Quick turn around. Often 2 weeks or less.

Minor retouching included for all images. Don’t worry about minor blemishes or wrinkles, basic digital retouching is included.

Packages include original high-resolution digital files and a reproduction license so you can use your images as you like!

Download our complete guide to Headshots and Promotional Photography HERE.

Are your current images working for you ?

A headshot that works is simply one that opens doors of opportunities for you and makes your phone ring.

Don’t take any chances with first impressions.

People respond to and make judgments about you based on your picture. Don’t send the wrong message.

Our Images Get You Noticed!

Making an appointment couldn’t be easier. Call us at 856-228-4399


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