New Photoshoot Concepts

Hey Models! So, we are looking for a few of you to help us out with shooting some sample images of some new styles we are looking to offer for next year. These sample images are NOT mine, but just found on Pinterest to give you an idea of what we are looking for. I am going to ask each modle who is available to select their favorite 2 or 3 concepts they would like to shoot. Since these are all INDOOR sessions, we should be able to book you to do 2-3 different concepts at the same time. Just text me back with which ones interest you and a general idea of your availability and we will go from there.

First up is going to be a Fine Art Style Black and White or Muted color studio session. Think moody, dreamy, or emotional. Dramatic lighting, no smiles, no props, no strong colors. We will need you to wear simple, solid colors with texture, or soft flowy dresses with minimal patterns.

Next Up will be what we will call COLORS! We will shoot pictures and digitally change the background to match the colors that you are wearing. A lot of these samples are dancers, but it doesn’t have to be that. We do need an outfit that has a strong, predominate color.

Next, we want to create some “MOTION”… athletes photographed in the studio with strong movement. We will be adding light streaks and blurs to make an artistic statement that highlights power and energy.

We also want to be able to show some “Fun Cap and Gown” images in the studio! We’ve been doing these for a while, but almost always on location. We want to show that you can do some non-traditional goofy and fun cap and gown pictures indoors too! No pictures.. you get the idea though. Think maybe balloons, confetti… mid air jumps…

Color Powder! So, we’ve been doing color powder shoots for a while, but always with dancers or gymnasts. I think it would be fun to do color powder in regular clothes… maybe paint too…

And, if any of you have some fun ideas YOU think upcoming seniors would enjoy (as long as it doesn’t involve firearms or man eating animals) tell us about it!! (Pictures help…. I’m a visual learner.. LOL)

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