About Dennis


My interest in photography began at a very young age when my parents gave me a black and white developing kit for Christmas. I can remember setting up a makeshift darkroom in the basement and watching that first image magically appear in the tray of developer under the dim glow of the yellow safe light. From there I was hooked.

My love for photography followed me into high school and college, where I did photography for the school yearbooks and newspapers. I got a job at a local studio near my house, working in the darkroom, sweeping floors, assisting anywhere and sucking up knowledge anywhere I could. I shot my very first solo wedding at 17 years of age!

My passion coupled joyously with my love of people, and I soon focused my interest exclusively on portraiture. I became obsessed with learning techniques to make people look their best, and to dig deep to try and create portraits that captured each individual’s unique personality.

My wife and business partner, Bonnie and I opened the doors of our first studio in 1981, and we’ve never looked back.

My father once told me, “Do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  Well, I don’t know about that, but at least I’ll admit I’m fortunate to always be happy and excited to go to work every day!

I believe that photographs have an ability to touch our lives in a powerful way. The thing I love most about my career as a photographer is being able to bring joy, happiness, comfort, and pride into the lives of the clients who entrust me with preserving their precious family memories. For that I am indeed honored and grateful.

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