Fitness Shoot with Chrisi

One of the really fun things I love about my job is the fact that I usually get to do something different almost every day.

One day I might be called on to photograph a senior hockey player on the ice, the next a pretty girl on the beach at sunset, and the next the exterior of a restaurant at twilight.

Being presented with these types of creative challenges keeps me on my toes, and forces me to think about each subject and situation I am faced with and how I can best employ my skills and knowledge to create something extraordinary.

Recently I had the opportunity to photograph a young woman, a nurse by trade, who is a real fitness buff.  Follow her social media and you will usually find her at the gym, working out. I’ve photographed her before, and I can attest to the amazing transformation she has accomplished with her body, all through hard work and dedication.

So, I was excited when I got the chance to showcase the results of her hard work.

In order to really accent her muscle definition and tone, I chose to photograph her with what we call “edge light” and a high ratio (meaning a strong contrast between highlight and shadow.) This type of lighting is challenging because it requires precision both in metering and placement.

Some tips I utilized to add impact to the lighting: I asked he model to lightly apply and rub in some baby oil on her exposed skin to add specularity. On some shots I lightly misted her skin with water to give it even more glisten. I added low lying fog from my chilled smoke machine for a gritty effect. And lastly, in processing my RAW files in Adobe Lightroom I gave my images a pretty strong boost in contrast and clarity.

Enjoy some of the images from our shoot.

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