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A common question we get asked is “I love my senior pictures so much, but what do I do with them now?” Let’s be clear, portraits only have value when you look at them. I’m sorry, but photographers who convince you that you want “all the pictures” on a disk or thumb drive are doing you a disservice. 

Why? Be honest. You know what’s going to happen to those pictures, right? You’re going to share a couple on Facebook, where your friends and relatives will “like” them and then they will disappear into the cyber abyss. The rest are going into a drawer where you plan to do “something” with them “someday”. 

Then one day, maybe 10 or 20 years from now, your kids or grand-kids will discover that disk or drive and either won’t have the technology to open it (remember floppy disks?) or will discover that the tiny magnetic charges that make up those images have degraded to the point that those images just aren’t “there” anymore. 

Social media? Do you think you are going to be able to locate images from 15 years ago on Facebook, if that’s even still a thing? Let’s face it, unless you have prints made from your important family portraits, they are going to be lost to future generations, and you are not going to fully enjoy them the way you should. 

We truly believe that artistic portraits of loved ones should be displayed prominently in your home, where they will quickly become the centerpiece of admiration.Our clients tell us often that their portraits, when properly printed and displayed, soon become some of their most treasured possessions.

The most popular products our client purchase to help them truly enjoy their treasured portrait are:·

Wall Portraits. Portraits 16” and larger are suitable for displaying on your walls. They can be hung individually, or in groupings, and can be printed on conventional photographic paper, canvas, metal, acrylic, and a number of other unique and artistic surfaces.·  

Multi-image Composites. Framed and matted wall pieces that feature multiple images are a popular option as well. Especially when you have a variety of images that you enjoy, placing images together that tell a story is a beautiful and fun way to display them.·  

Albums. Albums are a wonderful way to keep and display a larger number of images from your senior portrait session in an easy to view and store format. As your family grows, the images you display on your walls will no doubt change. Wedding pictures, then grandchildren, extended family portraits, on and on. But your senior’s album can be on your bookshelf or coffee table to be viewed and enjoyed often. Imagine the joy and pride (and nostalgia) you will feel looking through your daughter’s senior album the night before her wedding day. Have the tissues handy! 

Your photographer’s job shouldn’t be done when she or he takes the photograph. A real professional is there to guide you all the way through, including helping you with your selections, and deciding which products will give you the most enjoyment and value. You haven’t done this before. We have. Take advantage of our expertise. That’s why we’re here! 

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