Can We Just Buy The Files?

We understand that some photographers these days have built a business model upon simply shooting and delivering digital files on a disk or memory stick.

At Dennis Kelly Photography, we have decided this is NOT the model we choose for our business. We have made the conscious choice to focus on printed art as our medium. We have made this decision for a number of reasons:

¨ The photography process involves more than taking a picture. If you went to a five star restaurant and they brought you a pile of ingredients and told you to “cook it yourself”, you could expect it wouldn’t be quite the same as if the chef prepared it for you. The same is true of photography. All the details that go into producing a final printed piece of art are lost when providing raw images on a disk. We choose to be a full service studio and offer the full range of our expertise to our clients.

¨ The printing process itself is an integral and very important part of the photographic process, and it can be done poorly. We want to insure that our clients receive the most beautiful and long lasting artwork possible from our studio. We deal only with professional labs that closely monitor color calibration, use only the best materials, and stand behind the quality and craftsmanship  of the products they sell. If we allowed our files to be printed just anywhere without our oversight, this would be a disservice to our clients who have chosen us for quality. It would also reflect very poorly on our reputation for producing only top notch photography.

¨ Photographs only have value when you view them! This seems obvious, but we all know people who have disks of images sitting in a drawer, probably never to be viewed again. Our belief is that our responsibility as a full service studio is to help our clients choose printed artwork that they will enjoy and treasure for many years.

¨ Prints offer longevity that digital files do not. Digital files consist of magnetic charges stored on a medium, and they ALL will eventually deteriorate and become unreadable. One day, future generation will try to view those images and will be unable to. Those family heirlooms will be gone forever! Prints may indeed fade slowly over time, but will not disappear in the blink of an eye. Future generations will have decades to  view them, and have them restored if needed.

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