Preserve Your Family Legacy!

Family History is So Important.

I was going though some old files and came across some old negatives I had from years ago.
These images of my Father-in-Law as Santa Claus, were taken over 25 years ago. A large framed print of “Sleeping Santa” still adorns my home every Holiday Season. And the one of  “Grandpop Santa” reading to my two boys always warms my heart.

My Father-in Law is now deceased, and these images serve to remind me of the awesome power of photography.

I had these, and a bunch of other old negatives, scanned and digitized, so that I can be sure they can be passed down to future generations.

It has been said that this generation’s visual legacy is at risk of being completely lost on a bunch of broken and discarded cell phones and failed hard drives. That would be too sad. Take some time to preserve and protect your family’s legacy… before it’s too late.
-Dennis Kelly

When it comes to preserving and restoring those special family memories, Dennis Kelly can help. We can scan, digitize, and even retore old, faded, and damaged photos to better than new condition. And it costs far less than you might think. Call us at 856-228-4399 and let us help you preserve your family’s legacy!

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